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 Happy Birthday

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Dear Son

Your hard work has brought your harvest to fruition
Your passion has driven you to meet your goals
Keep chasing your dreams
as you graduate to a new chapter!
We are so proud of you Meng! 

Pa & Ma
On Your
My baby Carys

The angels applauded and the stars danced
when you were born
You will always be my precious bundle of joy
and my stroke of inspiration
May your days ahead be as special as you!

From Daddy & Mummy
The one and only John

You are the rainbow after a storm
the melody of life's song
You are the guiding light when it's dark
the inextinguishable spark

Loving you always,
your Valentine Mabel
To my dearest wife

We have gone through thick and thin
- two soul mates on one journey
As we celebrate our Golden Jubilee,
let us renew our love for each other
and our hearts entwine once again

Yours, Wee
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